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CR7 on Andre Silva: "When I retire, Portugal will be in good hands because they have already found a great striker: Andre Silva" #ForzaMilan

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wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock Can the right to disconnect ever be a universal human right—and should it? After the news from France broke, some commentators  sarcastically opined that in the grand scheme of things, and with an eye on the not-too-distant future, the digitally-emancipated French workers will eventually be replaced by robots who will do their tasks much more efficiently—and with no concern over being constantly connected. For humans to earn the right to be disconnected, they seemed to say, is simply a precursor of humans’ ultimate fate—to be switched บาคาร่า ออนไลน์ off completely. The “right to disconnect” might be a Pyrrhic victory. It is of course easy to dismiss the new French law and other European efforts as hopelessly nostalgic. But it is also worth dissecting the true meaning of the term. Nostalgia comes from the Greek “nostos algos” and means an “aching to return.” It describes a longing for something profound, something essential that we have seem to forgotten in our digital times. This essential quality is nothing less than our being human, and it includes our inherently human ability to be in the moment, to relate to other people with passion and compassion, and feel intimacy. However, it has become daunting to overcome what Alain de Botton calls “the constant challenge of modern relationships: how to prove more interesting than the other's smartphone.” Andrew Sullivan , in a remarkable essay in New York magazine last fall (“I Used to Be a Human Being”) bemoans a “new epidemic of distraction” as “our civilization’s specific weakness” and an acute “threat to our souls.” His reflections support the French (and broader European) effort to protect what is left of our human agency and to reclaim our autonomy. Given that social isolation and loneliness are among the most concerning diseases of our time , and threaten to erode the very fabric of our societies, presence is an urgent task, one that goes beyond simply enhancing our individual well-being—it is a broader, social responsibility.

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