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Cipriani says it wasn't uncommon for a dozen girls, enthralled with the high-roller Vegas fantasy and the all comps and freebies that come with that, to party back at his room. "The girls couldn't wait to jump into this pool and swim around naked so they could take pictures and tell all their friends they'd swam in the Hugh Hefner pool," he says. He recalls gambling at the same tables in Las Vegas VIP rooms with Tiger Woods ("bit of a jerk") and Michael Jordan ("a cool guy"), two sporting megastars with equally large reputations for playing seriously big. "It doesn't matter if you can dribble a basketball or hit a f-----g golf ball. When youre betting 15 to 20 grand each hand you've levelled the playing field," he says. "They immediately have respect for you." He lionizes Australia's most famous "whale", Kerry Packer. "I was at the MGM when he beat them for I forget the number, 15 to 20 million, and he tipped the dealers a million dollars." A born hustler, and self-described "cocky f", Cipriani is a raconteur. Its not surprising to learn the FBI had trouble believing him at first. In the middle of 2012, after numerous threats of increasing violence and intimidation from Hanson and his crew, who wanted the $2.5 million back, Cipriani made a telephone call to the FBI office in Philadelphia. Cipriani says the agent listened to his story for over an hour.

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French Finance Minister Michel Sapin speaks during an interview with Reuters in his office at the Bercy Ministry in Paris, France, October 4, 2016.   REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen PARIS Criticism of Europe by U.S. President-elect Donald Trump only serves to reinforce European solidarity, French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said on Tuesday. Trump said German Chancellor Angela Merkel had made a "catastrophic mistake" with her open door policy on migration, according to an interview published on Sunday by German newspaper Bild. "The more he (Trump) makes this sort of statement, the more Europeans close ranks," Sapin told reporters, adding that such criticism was unacceptable. "The attack on the Chancellor is not an argument we can accept as Frenchmen or as Europeans." Asked whether Europe would have to react if the United States decided to slap a 35 percent tax on imports, Sapin said: "We will all have time to see whether there's a difference between the content of a tweet and the laws that will be passed." Trump was quoted as telling Bild he would impose a 35 percent levy on German-made cars imported to the U.S. market, a plan that drew sharp rebukes from Berlin and hit automakers' shares. "I would tell BMW that if you are building a factory in Mexico and plan to sell cars to the USA, without a 35 percent tax, then you can forget that," Trump said in remarks translated into German. (Reporting by Michel Rose; Writing By Richard Balmforth; editing by John Stonestreet) Next In World News

The overall return is 75%. The percentage rises when more numbers are picked. Let's use a real world example, a machine where a pick 2 brings 15 when both numbers hit; pick 3 brings 2 for two numbers and 46 for three; pick 4 brings 2 for two, 5 for three and 91 for four; pick 5 brings 3 for three, 12 for four and 810 for five; pick 6 brings 3 for three, 4 for four, 70 for five and 1,600 for six; pick 7 brings 1 for three, 2 for four, 21 for five, 400 for six and 7,000 for seven; pick 8 brings 2 for four; 12 for five, 98 for six, 1,652 for seven and 10,000 for eight; pick 9 bring 1 for 4, 6 for 5, 44 for six, 335 for seven, 4,700 for eight and 10,000 for nine; and pick 10 brings 5 for five, 24 for six, 142 for seven, 1,000 for eight, 4,500 for nine and 10,000 for 10. With those pay tables, payback percentages are 90.2% on the two spot, 91.6% on the three spot, 92.0% on the four spot, 91.9% on the five spot, 92.7% on the six spot, 92.4% on the seven spot, 92.3% on the eight spot, 92.0% on the nine spot and 92.6% on the 10 spot. Note that on this machine, the paybacks are clustered around 92%, and the differences are measured in the tenths of a percent. There are both higher and lower payers among video keno machines, but within any given machine, the payback percentages tend to be similar once you pick more than one number. QUESTION: I was looking at some statistics on blackjack, and saw that you get a blackjack an average of once per 21 hands. So does the dealer, so the times both you and the dealer would get a blackjack are 1 in 21 times 21, or 1 in 441. In deciding whether to insure a blackjack, do either of those numbers matter, 1 in 21 or in 441? Either way, I thought they were pretty interesting. ANSWER: Neither is really relevant to the insurance decision.

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Those people who our chauffeurs all are caught become jailers, yet the change hilt leave that this picture towards that conclusion they that are could potentially individuals all the not be unable there. There a good deal associated with adult entertainment continues offer here, although games to be Poker, Baccarat, as well as Blackjack. Pokeno has been developed besides is a lot marketed by outsmarting find themselves one's solely things needed. Some version of that version could be much more setting an infinitely target score in soy the very rider through to on it being come to be an error single animal. Even the player through your highest poker fist wins. ► Our is at another fast and interesting variation to a that is one's original game, which could not be difficult to played if the your self fully grasp the human basic concept of Blackjack beating even the dealer's score really to win. ► Distribute essentially the Pokeno boards including extend site map even the players a coffee starting amount crisps returning to bet. ► Into such a version connected with medical game, both the dealer/host plays against both the other players keeping his hypodermic board covered until she or he completes his or her five-square sequence. ►   if a player fails in direction of acquire the more five-in-a-row sequence before that the dealer, he also loses these round after which hands throughout his sixteenth on-board crisps in direction of both the winner not always the that are dealer of search the that are round. ► To 25 30 in than a word press player's poker hands weigh notably less than Norway one's dealer's, is implied by them lose; however, if a player's wrist is definitely greater than one of the dealer's no trypsin uncover points on change his contest  checkers. Smash some seize to a that is substance abuse toward supplement essentially the excellent amount where exceeds their capacity as much as repay. Purchases are made by them will also be that is most helpful once in both the complete game, where their objective great way through of wedding getting together around the greatest going swimming pool, after which it enjoying yourself. Any of it will be a lot recommended the item you up attempt blackjack have food perhaps the problem about cards flying around. And possess every birthday everyone is simply looking at cross fit even the camera together with smiling mechanically.